Attitude and Behaviour Patterns?

Attitude and Behaviour Patterns?

January 10, 2013

Challenge: People make commitments to improve their health condition all the time, what are the critical moments when they need a helping hand from functional drinks?


  1. What’s your plan: we ask respondents to download a planner and make a plan on their own to improve the health issue they concern the most. Of course you can switch to other people’s plan if you like theirs better.

  2. Let’s try it: respondents then try to stick to the plan for a week, and let us know whether if they did what they planned or not, how to they feel when they made it and the times they don’t.

  3. Angels to help: after a week’s commitment, when and where they think a functional drink will help? what kind of drinks?

Result: we discover different habit and attitude pattern concerning different health issue. Our clients were able to understand how their target audiences feel when they are failing to stick to the plan and what kind of help they really wanted.

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