Adopt a New Behaviour?

Adopt a New Behaviour?

3月 1, 2015

Challenge: A FMCG brand wants to know why people are not adopting their new product format faster?


  1. User projection: We’ve asked consumers share photos to tell us what kind of people will use the old product format and who will use the new one?

  2. Life before and after: respondents use the new product for 5 days and go back to the old product format for 5 days, to tell us how do they feel each time they use the product.

  3. Idea Storm: use the product box activities to ask consumers to let us know their ideas in telling people how their everyday life will be different after using the new product format.

Results: Since it is a more sensitive and personal product, therefore our client couldn’t have obtained real usage insights using traditional methodologies. This time they gathered “real insight” on product usage and was able to come out with a clearer strategic direction for their next campaign to drive penetration.

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Online Immersioin