Why Beverage?

Why Beverage?

3月 1, 2015

Challenge: A famous fast food chainstore would like to know how to increase the beverage consumption frequency.


  1. Beverage Diary: We’ve asked consumers to post a picture of their beverage and tell us when, who, what, why they select the particular beverage whenever they drink one.
  2. Store detective: respondents will go and visit the store they go most often, and let us know the touch points attract their attention.
  3. Idea Storm: through the “letter to the CEO” activity, encourage respondents to give their ideas on how to attract them to buy more beverage.

Results: Our clients obtained deeper insights in how people choose beverage compare to “recalled” memories collected from previous studies, and also found different pain points than they assumed.

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Mystery shopper, beverage diary, immersion, deep dive