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Online community methodology for the Super Wealthy?

This is a common doubt we hear from our clients, is this really the case? Recently a case shared by Kadence International & Dow Jones at Qual360 North America conference. They actually found the super wealthy are very open to...
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When to Use Online Qualitative Research?

  You should consider running online qualitative research when: you have a geographically spread sample you need to give respondents time to consider and react on their experiences you want to encourage open, expressive, and creative thought and response you...
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What’s Online Qualitative?

Observe your target audience 24/7   Online qualitative research is now an established methodology that is widely practiced around the world by researchers, planners, and strategists wanting to know what people think, feel, and do. Most notably, online qualitative research...
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3 ways online research communities can improve your product testing

1 Experience speed and flexiBility another fantastic aspect of research communities is that they are agile, versatile, and very very fast. that means if you’re involved with NPD in 
a fast-moving or competitive industry such as tech, you can shave off...
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