This is a common doubt we hear from our clients, is this really the case?

Recently a case shared by Kadence International & Dow Jones at Qual360 North America conference. They actually found the super wealthy are very open to share online, you can get behind the stereotype image and really get to know the way and their life.

Tips that we learnt:

  1. Get enough time to create rapport: talk about lifestyle, job, family all these things that can connect respondents together instantly at the beginning before digging into the tasks.

  2. If they are “potential user” in the category, warm them up to different offerings in the category before showing the testing material.

  3. If the best formula for offline moderation is 30% moderator talking and 70% respondents talking, then in the online community environment respondents will take up to 90% of the talking because you allow them to over share.

You can find the full video presentation here, and welcome to contact us to learn more about online community!