Observe your target audience 24/7


Online qualitative research is now an established methodology that is widely practiced around the world by researchers, planners, and strategists wanting to know what people think, feel, and do. Most notably, online qualitative research allows you the researcher to “be with” consumers almost 24/7 without having to physically be there – thanks to the advent of smartphones and other connected devices.

contrary to common beliefs, online qualitative research is complementary, rather than an alternative to, traditional in-person or offline qualitative research.

With online qualitative research, you can immerse yourself in consumers’ lives, observing their rituals and habits firsthand. it lets you witness how people feel and react in the moment, and allows you to conduct a range of one-time and multiple-response activities such as retail safaris, concept testing, and journals.

Online qualitative research is also ideal when you want to encourage independent interaction between respondents. Often the most fascinating discussions start when participants ask each other questions – questions you might not think to ask as a moderator.