if you’re about to board the customer co-creation train and start to collaborate with your consumers to co-create new ideas and solutions, here’s some key things to consider:

Get the right participants on board

whether you are targeting early tech adopters or empty nesters, screen your participants on the basis of actual or stated online behaviour. the closer your members naturally reflect requirements for engagement and interaction in your research and development work, the better.

Check prospects for articulation

beyond demonstrating willingness to interact, articulation is an essential part of delivering good quality feedback, thoughts and ideas. one way to test articulation levels is by asking your participants to tell a short story to see how they express themselves and witness their creative talent.

Segment your recruits

using Conlab’s research and co-creation technology allows you to mitigate bias whilst at the same time adopt a more highly engaged segment. You can also explore differences in attitudes and behaviours, as well as investigate the language used to articulate product 
benefits – which is particularly useful to shape future marketing communications.

Build excitement around the mission and purpose

placing emphasis on the intrinsic benefits of being a member can help to encourage participants to take part. after all, who wouldn’t want the unique opportunity to influence future products to help make their life easier?

A group of like-minded individuals

by shouting from the rooftops that participants will be joining a group of like-minded individuals, and are in a privileged position, you’ll see
a spike in sign ups. after all, perceived similarity increases linking, which in turn can enhance effective collaboration and the quality of project outcomes.

Highlight expectations from the beginning

participants must be comfortable collaborating with other people, so be sure to communicate this objective from the offset, ideally at the stages of recruitment, to gain early commitment and be sure to reinforce the messaging during the project.