1 Experience speed and flexiBility

another fantastic aspect of research communities is that they are agile, versatile, and very very fast. that means if you’re involved with NPD in 
a fast-moving or competitive industry such as tech, you can shave off product lead times and get ahead of the competition. not only that, but as well as giving you access to feedback 24/7, online communities also give you the option of existing your research agenda if the community provides you with important new insights, unlike more rigid traditional approaches.

2 Gather feedBack for informed decisions

one of the greatest things about online communities is that they offer a huge variety of lenses through which you can view consumers’ needs and experiences. By using state-of-the-art research software, you can gather in-the-moment feedback from diaries or mission-based tasks as well as long-hand, more considered feedback – via tablet, mobile or desktop. the result? you’re totally clued up on exactly what your customers are thinking and feeling so you can make truly informed decisions.

3 Engage with more customers

online research communities can help you to turn your customers
 into advocates. how? well, to put it simply, by engaging customers
or projects in NPD, you’ll increase their goodwill towards your brand. and don’t worry about receiving overly-biased feedback, either – it’s relatively straightforward to mitigate or offset the feedback you get to reach a more balanced view. when it comes to customers, the bottom line is that the more time you spend with them, the better the quality of resulting feedback.